Afzalipour Educational and Medical Center

Afzalipour Educational and Medical Center was opened in 2002. This hospital is the largest hospital in the province and one of the largest hospitals in Iran. This hospital is planned in 2 phases and a capacity of 540 beds, and currently the first phase with 462 approved beds is providing medical services.

The features of this medical center have been designed and compiled based on the latest information of the international standards of the time. This project has been constructed on a land with an area of ​​23 hectares, with a total area of ​​62,000 square meters, with a cost of 2 million dollars.

نام مجموعهبیمارستان افضلی پور
محل نصبکرمان-کرمان
سال نصب1399
نوع مخزنمخزن اکسیژن مایع
ظرفیت مخزنZ30P11
توضیحاتمیانگین 500 تخت فعال

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