Dr. Gharazi hospital

This hospital is a public hospital affiliated to the Social Security Organization and is one of the well equipped hospitals in the southeast of the country, which has been operating since 1996 and has gradually increased its scope of activities.

The hospital is currently operating in all defined organizational missions with 4 fixed beds and 4 active beds and with a staff of about 4 doctors and 4 medical, administrative, financial, support staff and providing services to patients.

نام مجموعهبیمارستان دکتر غرضی
محل نصبکرمان-سیرجان
سال نصب1399
نوع مخزنمخزن اکسیژن مایع
ظرفیت مخزنZ25P11
توضیحاتمیانگین 160 تخت فعال در بخشهای تخصصی و فوق تخصصی.

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