Firouzabadi Educational and Medical Center

Firoozabadi Hospital was established by the late Ayatollah Seyyed Reza Firoozabadi in 1924, but due to problems in its management, it was handed over to the Health Department in 1934.

At present, Firoozabadi Hospital, as a specialized and first-class general hospital in a city with an approximate area of ​​52,000 square meters of land and about 25,000 square meters, provides medical services and has about one hundred special ICU, CCU and Post CCU beds as a center. Specializes in cardiac departments in Shahr-e-Rey and south of Tehran and is covered by Iran University of Medical Sciences.

نام مجموعهبیمارستان فیروز آبادی
محل نصبتهران-شهر ری
سال نصب1399
نوع مخزنمخزن اکسیژن مایع
ظرفیت مخزنZ20P11
توضیحاتمیانگین 222 تخت فعال

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