Payambar Aa’zam Hospital

Payambar Aa’zam Hospital is the new name of Ayatollah Kashani Hospital in Kerman, which has been officially opened in the new building since October 2010.

At present, the hospital has 245 active beds and 15 wards, which during the planning done in year 1394, 60 other beds under the title of special ward for high-risk pregnant mothers (13 beds), ICU (4 beds), internal (28 beds) Post CCU (15 bed) was launched after recruiting and training new human resources.

This center has succeeded in obtaining the top rank in the first festival of national clinical governance in the year 2, as well as receiving a certificate of appreciation
for being the supporter of homovigilance system.

نام مجموعهبیمارستان پیامبر اعظم(ص)
محل نصبکرمان-کرمان
سال نصب1399
نوع مخزنمخزن اکسیژن مایع
ظرفیت مخزنZ20P11
توضیحاتمیانگین 245 تخت فعال

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